I’m delighted to recommend Donna. I’ve known her for more than 25 years, first as coworkers, then as friends. Over the years Donna has been actively committed to mentoring others. Those years of mentoring have given Donna a great deal of common-sense wisdom, which she often intertwines with her love of Scripture and history. Beyond that, Donna seeks to use her gift of encouragement through her writings. Those writings are generally hopeful and optimistic, and always authentic.

David Sanford – Corban University; Credo Communications; Vice President, Publishing & Internet, Luis Palau Association


I have known Donna Tallman for eleven years. During this time I’ve watched Donna deepen her relationship with Jesus Christ and faithfully express the essence of that relationship within our community. Donna is a gifted communicator – insightful, practical, challenging. She’s not one to shy away from sensitive subjects; pressing people to explore their beliefs. At a time of less and less Biblical emphasis, Donna remains true to Scripture.

During her years at our church, Donna has been closely involved in mentoring women. She is adept at adapting to various ages, adult women and Sr. High youth. She has been a speaker at several of our retreats, women’s conferences, and youth activities.

Donna is a what-you-see-is-what you get kind of Christian. Her church life is identical to her everyday lifestyle. No pretense, no posturing. I’ve welcomed her character influence within our church family and within my own family. I can highly recommend her to you.

Bill Jastram –  Senior Pastor


Looking for a cookie cutter Christian speaker or writer? Don’t call Donna Tallman. This is a Jesus follower who has wisdom, authenticity, intelligence and discernment. All show up when you hear her speak, read her work or dialogue with her.

As a women’s ministry director I sought her as a retreat speaker and adviser. She was compelling and honest in both of those roles. Now, as an elementary school principal I enjoy tapping into her strategic thinking, reservoir of knowledge of the Word of God and thoughtful exhortations. Donna offers words that have seasoned insight, vivid reality and a humble hope and faith. I am so thankful to have had her as a dear friend for almost 20 years.

Judi Smith –  Horizon Christian School Principal


As a women’s ministry coordinator, I have known Donna for the past 10 years. During this time she has led several retreats at our church.  Donna has a gift for being able to connect with women of all ages. She readily shares her humor, insight, care and concern, while also having the knowledge and ability to evaluate current circumstances in light of Biblical truth. Donna lives and shares her life and faith not as “religious precepts,” but as authentic discoveries of God’s present reality. Donna is a woman of candid integrity. Spending time with her, whether in a group setting or individually, is like spending time with a friend you can trust – one who cares about you enough to speak truth in love. She is one of the retreat speakers that is remembered both for her content and her presentation.

Jane Doty – Women of Ministry

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