Posted by: donnatallman | August 17, 2013

Come Away and Rest

Photo by Donna Tallman

Photo by Donna Tallman

“Danger, do not go beyond this point.”

I stare at the signpost and wonder how a beach sign can feel so metaphorical and prophetic all at the same time. I am exhausted. After a summer that has included a 4,020-mile drive across the country, sleeping in 18 different locations (including one horrendous night on the floor of Denver International Airport), planning a rehearsal dinner and two wedding receptions, and flying back to Portland, Oregon, I’m beat.

“Danger, do not go beyond this point.”

Yeah, no kidding. There are times when we need to just stop. Call a halt. Cease. Desist. Find the nearest parenthesis to crawl into and wait out the remaining chapter until we feel the wind in our sails again.

Take a break. Rest. It’s okay. It’s necessary.

Photo by Donna Tallman

Photo by Donna Tallman

“And Jesus said to them, ‘Come away by yourselves to a secluded place and rest a while.’ (For there were many people coming and going, and they did not even have time to eat.)” Mark 6:31

Jesus understood the disciples’ need for rest and solitude after they had been traveling across the countryside. They, too, were exhausted. They, too, needed a break. They needed a pause button. And where did they go? Jesus directed them to a secluded place so they could get alone, be alone, and regroup. Mark 6:32 says they went by boat.

Photo by Donna Tallman

Photo by Donna Tallman

The sea. The disciples began their journey to solitude at the seaside.

I don’t know about you, but the ocean is always my first choice of places to go when I need to restore my spirit. There’s something so comforting about the ebb and flow of the tide, the roar of the waves, and the unbridled power of the ocean. The rhythmic ocean tide mysteriously draws away my anxiety and replaces it with a settled, quiet spirit permeated with Jesus’ peace.

“Come to Me, all who are weary and heavy-laden, and I will give you rest.” Matthew 11:28

Restoring My Soul

Restoring My Soul

Stop. Wait. Pause.

Take a break…an interlude…an intermission.

Come away and let Jesus rest you.

Where do you go when you need to restore your spirit?



  1. I recognize that part of the ocean. Enjoy your time and be refreshed.

    • Yes, you do! It’s so beautiful and peaceful!

  2. I would love a cabin in the woods-next to a bubbling brook-I love the sound of a rushing creek. The sea is too loud- too crashing- too chaotic ..too busy…too noisy for refreshing my soul… I love the sound of birds, breeze in treetops, gurgling of a brook….that refreshes my soul. Today I ran to the solace of my bedroom for refreshment. After a 13 hr drive home yesterday, after the EXHAUSTION (physical, emotional and mental) of caring for a dear friend’s mom in her last week of life, watching her die due to the ravages of cancer, after “being there” for her 3 girls and her husband of almost 60 yrs, after holding them up, supporting them and doing the day to day care of hospice work, and walking beside them into “the valley of the shadow of death”…after death….and tears, and the sense of loss…..I needed rest. I needed refreshment. I cannot face the duties of my own home, til my spirit is refreshed. I have witnessed death again, such a soul wearying journey. I need sleep. I needed my bed. In the middle of the day- after only accomplishing 2 loads of laundry…while my bags sit, waiting to be un-packed, while the bills wait to be paid, while my family awaits my return to “normalcy”..I rest…I take time to retreat to my bed, and find sweet release and refreshment for the rest of today, in rest..a 2 hr nap….and I am able to face the rest of today. Tomorrow is another day, I will not worry about it. For today “it is well, with my soul”.

    • There’s a beautiful section of the American River due east of Placerville that we used to visit years ago. With temperatures often in the 90s during the summer, we used to sit on the rocks, pan for gold, and rock hop for hours. The icy mountain water never failed to revive my spirit and restore my soul. There’s something about moving water I think…much like the move of God’s Spirit – its gentle whisper speaks into the place of pain that words can never touch. Will be praying for you as you zig zag through the jagged places grief presents. Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted. Hugs to you, friend.

  3. Donna, thank you so much for this! Our cross country move from Georgia to Washington has left us tired and surrounded by boxes. I pray for rest & joy for both our families!

    • I think change (like a cross-country move) is one of the biggest drains to my spirit too, Robin. I hope you’re able to stop in the midst of the chaos and soak in some of the extravagant beauty Washington offers. I will be praying God will meet you in your place of need and comfort you as you walk through all the changes before you. Blessings, friend!

  4. Well written. I pray that you body, soul and spirit will be continually getting the rest they need; that you will choose to pursue that rest not out of exhaustion; but pre-meditated to nurture the life God has given you. Welcome “home”.

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