Posted by: donnatallman | July 1, 2013

Prairie Devils

(Two weeks ago I left Colorado to take a road trip across the country and back. Seeing the beauty of the land that I love so much from the ground always speaks to me. Today’s blog, while different from my usual format, contains some of the things God and I talked about during the many hours we spent together in the car.)

Prairie Devils

Go east!
where dust devils
spin dreams to dust
and drought hovers
beyond the rise of
lazy farmland and
gentle breeze.
Cultivating their future,
diligent wheat wrestlers
pace rows
of furrowed agony.

bring faith…

Photo by Donna Tallman

Go east!
to a well-watered valley
beyond the river.
then lightning
ominous warning
rivers of rain.
Spinning vortex –
heaven’s tears.
Crushing courage
begin again

bring hope…

Photo by Donna Tallman

Photo by Donna Tallman

Go east!
Combustible city
forgotten village
confounding strangeness
this land of the free and
home of the brave.
Stop ahead,
an oasis.
Gather the people; reunion.
Cloud by day
fire by night
a mirage.

bring love…

Photo by Donna Tallman

Photo by Donna Tallman

As America celebrates its 237th birthday this Thursday, I’ve been burdened by the tremendous needs we have as a nation. Despite the fact that I will be near many of the country’s great monuments and memorials this 4th of July, I don’t feel much like celebrating. Instead, I feel the weight of the farmer’s agony, the sorrow of our country’s tornado victims, the despair of our fire and flood victims, the grief of Boston’s bombing victims, the separation and injury of our deployed military families, the anxiety of our underemployed, and the despair of our nation spiritually adrift.

Instead of celebrating, I feel compelled to pray – to cry out for God’s intervention. To cry out for the church – no, to cry out to the church to rise up and draw alongside those who are hurting among us. We are a community. This 4th of July weekend, plan to do more than just set off firecrackers or have a barbecue…go to a cemetery and hand someone a kleenex, pick up a shovel and help clear debris from a neighbor’s yard, take a care package to a family who has lost their home, get a list of deployed military personnel in your area and pray for them, anything to help lift the load for others in our community. This is America, Church, and there are many who need to be encouraged this year – let’s all go out there and find a way to bring them faith, hope, and love.

“Lord, make me an instrument of your peace,Where there is hatred, let me sow love;Where there is injury, pardon;Where there is doubt, faith;Where there is despair, hope;Where there is darkness, light;Where there is sadness, joy.”

© Copyright, 2013 by Donna Tallman.



  1. Amen!

  2. Wow, this post really resonates with me. Yesterday my pastor preached on John 8: 12 “I am the light of the world”. We are commanded to follow the light and be light in our culture. Our country is dark. We need to be the light before anything can change.

  3. Just a few minutes ago, we sat eating breakfast at a Big Bear restaurant and were surprised when the waitress announced to us that a young couple with a little girl had paid our bill. Not having previously noticed them, we looked at their empty booth, and then out the window behind us as they passed by. We mouthed our thanks…the wife smiled and waved and the husband blew us a kiss. We had never seen them before, but as they walked away smiling, hands joined, our hearts were touched. Then the hostess came to our table and mentioned how their kindness blessed her and she gave praise to God. Wow! A double blessing! After a month of relentless work getting our house ready for sale, out of the blue, The Lord reached out to us and lifted our spirits. We were very encouraged that a young family would choose to bless two oldsters like us! God is very good, and we will be praying with you. Love you!

    • Oh, wow…what a great way to spread encouragement around…and yes, we all could use a boost every once in awhile. God bless that couple wherever they may be and whomever they are! Maybe I’ll do that for my 4th of July ministry…I’m praying for just the right assignment…I’ll let you know.

  4. HI Donna! Thanks for your insight and words of truth. It can be and is disheartening to see the direction this nation is going and yet we do not give up hope! God continues to use and equip us, and we can take comfort that He is still in control! Enjoy your travels, we loved having Steven with us ever so briefly! We are praying!!! 🙂

    • Thanks, Gail! No, we never give up hope, but we turn that discouragement to those who need it more than we do. You are a great encourager! 🙂 Enjoy your 4th of July – thanks for watching over Steven!

  5. Beautiful as your soul, moving as your passion. Bravo!

    Blessings, friend


    Sent from Adrianne’s IPhone

    • Thank you, Adrianne. There’s a world of hurt out there – and I watched it all go by out my window. I can’t leave it there! Have a great 4th of July – drove through Kentucky and though of you!

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