Posted by: donnatallman | August 21, 2012

Where Are You?

“RU?” reads the text on my cell.

It’s from my sister.

It’s always from my sister – her unique and identifiable call out to me.

“RU?” means a lot of different things between us.

“RU?” can mean: Where are you? How are you? Do you need anything? What are you doing? Why aren’t you here? When are you coming home? or even Where’s my Rooibos Tea latte and why are you taking so long???


I’ve been AWOL from my blog for three weeks now and I’m starting to get e-mails from many of you that are the equivalent of my sister’s “RU?”

So, I’ll answer you all here at the same time.

R at the beach…

in Oregon…

soaking up the northwest…

Oregon Summer


Whenever I get that text from my sister I always feel missed, and it’s nice to be missed I think. It’s encouraging to have someone anticipate spending time with me – I love that. Don’t you love that?

RU? I thought I heard God ask me this morning.

“RU, Donna?”

“On vacation, Lord, and soaking up this amazing Oregon you’ve created.”

“Just wait til this afternoon,” He said.

Afternoons at the Oregon Coast are dazzling. Watching the sun’s afternoon rays dance across the water’s surface have the same hypnotic effect on me as does staring into a fire – everything else fades away and I’m left only with this present moment of peace.

Well, it’s afternoon and this is what I’m looking at right now as we speak:

God’s Dazzling Display

So, I still don’t have a specific update on where we will be living. Our stuff is still in storage in Colorado, and I’m eager to get back there to see what the Lord has ahead of us. In the meantime, I’m enjoying this part of the journey and soaking up as much Oregon ambiance as I can so that when we do return, it will linger long in my heart and spirit.

This place totally refuels me!

Enjoy the end of summer everyone. I’ll be back soon with an “official” update…well, if someone can pry me out of this ocean hideaway I’ll give you an update.



  1. Put your feet up and enjoy OR. We just missed you and your blogs. Take care and hug your momma for me. Love and miss ya.

  2. LOL!!! �You are in paradise!!! � I was going to ask if you guys needed an abode but why would you want to stay in our measly condo when you have that view??? �Little terrace and rooftop garden, air conditioned, utilities all paid by landlord. A fourth floor condo. �Let me know if I can be of service.
    �Not the beach, but not so bad… �:-)


  3. Glad you are enjoying Oregon’s coast beauty. Can imagine the salt air on my face and the ocean scent that always refreshes.

  4. Donna, � I am a recent addition to your group.� I grew up in the catholic church and as I turned 48 I realized as much as I knew and practiced being a disciple, there was soooo much more I was not being taught. Thank you for your inspiration.� It has come to me at a time when God knew I would receive it completely, digest it and be able to give it back.� I am a stepping stone for one of my friend’s.� She has not found/given herself to God but is “stepping” on my stone for a glimpse of what this glorious life is with Him. There are the other stones she is stepping on to cross the river, or path, one of them is also involved with religion and she has received good words from them as well.� As you know, the other stones are not close to listening or practicing being a disciple.� I have found great love in reading your blogs.� It is soooo good to have people in my life that have integrity and the Lord.� I am blessed to have Lisa in my life (since I was 5) and she has told me about your site several times! 🙂 Thank you Donna for your beautiful inspiration and love.� I like how someone placed the Sand Dollars from large to small!!! Love and Prayers, Mimi � � �

    • Thank you for your comment, Mimi. It was so great to hear from you and hear about your own journey. Yes, will be praying with you and for you as you make your way through…it’s so encouraging and comforting to me to have people to walk alongside as we go through this life, so praying for you is a privilege! Welcome to our little community here…I hope you find strength for your own journey here. Blessings, Donna.

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